That Awkward Moment When Bill Gates Discovers Jimmy Fallon Uses A Mac [Video]




Last night Bill Gates jumped onstage at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about how he’s curing the world of polio as well as the next big tech ideas – weirdly there was no mention of an iWatch. What begins as a gushing interview takes an awkward turn when the former King of Windows starts eying Jimmy’s MacBook at the of his desk corner.

Watch the awkward exchange in full glory below:


Maybe Jimmy can make it up to him by listening to music on a Zune.

  • jackintosh11

    Jimmy also has an iPad on his desk.

  • Stevenj

    I’ve watched this twice now and Bill didn’t appear fazed in the slightest. Kudos for what he has done post Microsoft.

  • drBakker

    The only thing awkward in this video is the so obviously scripted ‘oh sorry I just noticed I have a Mac open on my desk’ thing.

  • 42macdotcom

    I never liked Microsoft much but they aren’t truly EVIL like Google though! Bill is a wonderful humanitarian, but he has ZERO personality. If Steve Jobs was in that seat and Jimmy had a PC on his desk, Steve would have had FUN with it instead of just sitting there glaring at him!

  • Anowid


  • Anowid

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