Boinx’s PhotoPresenter Makes Family Slideshows A Bit More Bearable For Your Friends




Quick: You have taken a bunch of great photos of your recent birthday weekend in [EXOTIC LOCATION], and your parents want to take a look at your vacation pictures on the big screen. But you also spent some “quality time” with your girlfriend/boyfriend/spousal unit in the hotel room, and you sure as hell don’t want your folks to see those photos. What do you do?

You use Boinx’s PhotoPresenter, an app that’s designed for impromptu slideshows.

It’s not just Readers’ Wives-style snapshots you might want to avoid. Maybe you need to present screenshots to coworkers in an important meeting. Or you just want to show some photos without forcing your friends to see all the also-ran shots.

Whatever, PhotoPresenter is for you. It presents you with a grid of your photos, and you just page through and tap the ones you want to show. These are highlighted with a blue border, letting you double check that a bare beaver hasn’t made it into your presentation before firing up the projector or AirPlay display.

Your slideshow is then thrown up onto the big screen, with only the selected photos being shown. Once there, you can use a finger on your iDevice to control a “laser pointer” type highlight, or to add a “mouseposé”-style highlight.

It’s pretty great, and as it draws on your existing Camera Roll you can just leave it in a folder until you need it, with no laborious setup required. And as it costs just $1, you should probably go download it right now, before you embarrass yourself in front of your parents.

Source: iTunes