K’lip Carabiner Keyring And USB Stick




K’lip is a USB thumb drive that’s actually useful. Yes, you can use it to take PDFs of your boarding passes to the local print shop, but you can also just use it as a keyring, until one day you need to copy a movie or rare bootleg album off your friend’s computer.

Or you could wear it.

Like sex in the movie Barbarella, USB drives are all but obsolete. These days, instead of sticking a rigid protuberance into a waiting hole, we just send things over the network, avoiding touch altogether. But sometimes you just have to get dirty, and when you do, the K’lip will be there. It’s waterproof, rugged and — according to the rather disturbing photo at the top of this post – it can be worn as jewelry.

Want one? Of course you do. Everyone love a carabiner keyring. The 16GB version can be had for €22 ($30) and the 32GB for €33 ($44).

Source: PK Paris