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Bpen iPhone Stylus Doubles As A Kickstand



The Bpen is a clever gadget indeed. It takes something almost useless — an iPhone stylus — and turns it into something useful: an iPhone stand. It even works as a car mount, and yet can still be used as a stylus. And as a regular pen. How is this unholy magic achieved? Let’s see…

The pen has a pocket clip and a rubbery, capacitive tip, just like any other iPhone or iPad Stylus. But on the top of the barrel, around the other side from the pocket clip, there’s a flip-out stick which can be shoved into the iPhone or iPad’s headphone jack, thus turning the entire pen into a kickstand. And as if this weren’t neat enough, the barrel also holds a ball-pen tip.

This is activated by sliding a switching on the barrel, which pushes the pen out through the rubber stylus dome like an the alien’s little extra mouth extending from its regular mouth in the movie Aliens. Nightmarish but, in this case at least, handy.

The pen also comes with a base, the kind you see stuck to the countertop next to the teller’s window in your bank. It has an adhesive base, which lets you stick it anywhere, but the suggestion is that you stick it to you car’s dash, letting you mount your iPhone fairly securely and use it as a satnav or, I don’t know, movie player.

The price for the Bpen is $30 for a two-pack (you can’t opt foe just one it seems), and you’ll have to pitch on Kickstarter to get one. Expected delivery is March, so there’s not so long to wait should the project be successfully funded.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Lior!