Toss Out iPhoto And Replace It With The 6MB MyPhotostream



Man, do I feel clean today. No, it’s not the fact that I quit drinking two summers ago. Nor that I stopped smoking a few years before that. Nope. I feel clean because I finally deleted iPhoto from my Mac. It’s gone, never to spin up the fans again because it’s detecting faces with the accuracy of a demented uncle, nor to inexplicably flip away from the album I’m viewing every single time I switch to another app, however briefly.

I don’t even need Apple’s worst app (worse than iTunes I say) for Photo Stream any more, becasue now I have the $4, 6 MB MyPhotostream to take its place.

The app is ultra light weight, and does one thing: Let you browse your Photo Stream. Your Photo Stream pictures are stored on your Mac inside some secret and seemingly deliberately obfuscated folder structure, and MyPhotostream parses this hierarchy to present your photos to you in a grid. It loads just a handful of pictures at a time (you have to double-click the “plus” button to load more), but you can hit the space bar at any time to Quick Look a photo, and you can right-click to share or save the picture, or to open it in any compatible app.

Like I said, it’s light weight. It’s also dead useful if you don’t want the bloat of iPhoto slowing down and filling up your Mac just to keep and eye on your incoming Photo Stream. Buy it, but give it a free 7-day trial first.

Source: Raffael
Via: Mac Stories