iOS 7.1 Beta 4 Fixes iMessage Errors, Probably Breaks Something Else



iOS 7.1 takes another slow step closer to launch with the release of beta 4 to developers. As ever, the release notes are scant, so it’ll take some digging to really find out what has changed. There’s on bit of good news though: the Messages app should no longer lie to you about messages failing.

For me, the last two iOS 7.1 betas have been pretty great, and although I don’t like to run early betas as an everyday OS on my main device, in this case iOS 7.0 was so bad on my retina iPad mini that I really had to try out the beta. If you’re still going crazy using the unfinished iPad version of iOS 7 on your iPad, and experiencing huge waits between app switches, for example, then be assured: the end is nigh. For all those dumb bugs anyway.

Who knows when the final version will ship? Soon, hopefully, so I can switch my iPhone over too. As ever, the iOS betas are available to registered developers.