Apple: Sneaky Samsung Is Lying About Whether We’re Cool With iPhone Cloning



Apple’s entire beef with Samsung is that the Korean electronics maker keeps on shamelessly ripping off the design of their devices, so is anyone surprised that the latest roadblock in the Apple vs. Samsung case has to do with an anti-cloning clause that Samsung is trying to be tricky about?

In a new court filing, Apple is claiming that Samsung is trying to lie to the court about a key “no cloning” provision in a settlement between the two companies.

The aggrieved party, Apple says that it has been trying to settle its patent infringement lawsuit against the Android maker, but always with a key “no cloning” provision that would prevent Samsung from ripping off future Apple designs. Needless to say, Samsung won’t agree to it, and in recent court documents has actually gone as far as to claim to the courts that Apple was willing to settle without such a provision.

Why would they do that? According to Cupertino’s lawyers, Samsung is trying to do lie about this because if Apple was willing to license its patents without any strings attached, it would limit Apple’s ability to get an injunction based on that patent later.

“Samsung incorrectly claims [in its opposition to Apple’s motion] that Apple made recent offers to Samsung without anti-cloning provisions,” Apple wrote. “Every offer Apple made to Samsung has included limits to both the scope of any license and a prohibition against cloning Apple products.”

At the end of the day, Samsung’s lawyers can be as sneaky as they want to be, but they’re likely going to have to agree to the “no cloning” provision if they want to settle. Does anyone think that will actually end Samsung’s ripoff devices, though?

Source: FOSS Patents