Lost Yeti Will Steal Your Heart … And Your Popsicles [Review]


Lost Yeti

Nobody likes to see a cute baby animal in danger. Sarah McLachlan has worked very hard to ensure that.

Lost Yeti by Neutronized
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

Lost Yeti is a cute game about an adorable baby yeti having a cuddly adventure. I never even knew an adventure could be cuddly, but this game taught me that it is not only possible, but preferable.

It’s also a smart, deceptively complicated puzzler that will keep you thinking, tapping, and swearing at those good-for-nothing monsters who pick on that poor little lost yeti for no reason other than that they are jerkfaces.

The point of Lost Yeti is to lead the little Snowsquatch through the level to the exit. He walks on his own, and when he hits a wall, he’ll turn clockwise whenever possible. But creating his path is up to you.

You clear the way for the little guy by sliding ice blocks to make gaps through which the Yetlet can pass. Slidable blocks are the ones between two blue blocks, and you can shift them around both horizontally and vertically to lead the little guy home, and you unlock new areas by collecting all the popsicles in each level.

Complications arise when the game starts throwing in monsters, and you find that you have to plan for both their movements and Yeti’s. Yetis is just a little guy, so if any monsters so much as touch him, you have to start the level over. Plus, they’ll just, like, eat popsicles before you can pick them up, and that’s just mean, guys.


The game pulls a sort of Puzzle-ception through additions like exclamation-point blocks, which disappear if you arrange three in a row. Doing so also provides more options and opportunities to make new paths.

It’s a little harrowing that Yeti will constantly walk if he can; it requires you to keep constant watch on everything that’s going on, and that can get a little stressful. But it’s also part of the challenge, and it’s pretty exciting to just miss a weird boar-ish thing that just leaped over one of your ice blocks on his mission to eat everyone’s popsicles.

Seriously, what an a-hole.

Lost YetiGame Name: : Lost Yeti
The Good: So cute. Oh, also, it’s a pretty good puzzle game with cool music.
The Bad: Why doesn’t Yeti grasp how dangerous it is out there? I wish he didn’t just walk around all the time.
The Verdict: It’s a fun game with a great 8-bit sensibility and enough challenge to keep you searching for The Perfect Run.
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