Mega Jump 2 Hopes To Be A Vertical Leap For All App-Kind [Review]



Mega Jump 2 is a game about jumping. Forever.

Mega Jump 2 by Get Set Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: Free w/ in-app purchases

For those unfamiliar with the original 2010 Mega Jump, think of it as a variation on a pinball game — with your mission to keep your character (in this case a squishy red monster named Redford, or one of his animal pals) airborne for as long as possible.

To do this you tilt your iOS device to control the direction of vertical leaps: trying to bounce on platforms and collect power-ups that will keep your avatar hurtling on an ever-upwards trajectory.

Despite its addictive gameplay, Mega Jump 2 sadly spends a lot of time begging you for in-app purchases.
Despite its addictive gameplay, Mega Jump 2 sadly spends a lot of time begging you for in-app purchases.

It sounds ridiculously simple — and it is. But it’s also crazily addictive, occasionally infuriating, and makes good use of iOS device’s in-build accelerometer: a feature I personally think works far better than touchscreen when it comes to iOS game selling points. Controls are ultra-responsive too and, while there is an initial learning curve, it won’t take long until you’re hooked.

Despite its simple premise, there’s much to keep you engaged in Mega Jump 2. Power-ups are varied — with one turning your character into a fireball, another tripling their size, and another turning them into a magnet able to attract gems and coins, even when you’re not physically touching them. Mastering every available power-up is a necessary part of picking up the highest possible score.

The overall game presentation presentation is superb. While Mega Jump 2 is hardly going to push your iOS device to it graphic limits — and isn’t all that much of an improvement on the first game — visuals are bright, cartoonish, and colorful, with a number of different backgrounds to keep your eye interested. Sounds are also well utilised, and manage to be fun without becoming annoying.

Mastering every … power-up is a necessary part of picking up the highest possible score

If I have a complaint it is one that is inherent in an increasing number of “freemium” games: namely the constant drive toward making the user buy upgrades and additional items. While it’s possible to play the game without paying a penny, it’s a little bit like watching a television station that breaks it programming every five minutes to bring you a commercial break. It’s an increasingly irritating feature of a lot of iOS games in general — and a more frustrating aspect of Mega Jump 2 than any jump or baddie you’ll encounter in the game.

Ultimately, there’s a lot to like about Mega Jump 2. It’s not the deepest, most engrossing iOS experience out there — but you’ll be surprised by how much time it is possible to sink into a game this ostensibly straightforward. The stages are varied, the unlockables are fun, and the controls work well. What more could an iOS gamer ask for?

Aside from less requests for spending money, I mean.

megajumpGame Name: Mega Jump 2
The Good: The concept is addictively fun, and the controls work fantastically.
The Bad: The in-app begging for additional purchases quickly becomes wearing.
The Verdict: It may not be a giant leap for all iOS-kind in every regard, but it’s still a heckuva good time.
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