Trouble Seeing Text On iOS 7? Get Bold [iOS Tips]


Bold Settings

iOS 7 came with a new look and feel, including the font used across the system. It’s a little thinner than earlier versions of iOS, so it might be a bit tricky to read, especially on the small iPhone screen.

You can always increase the size of text dynamically, but if you just need a little boost to the readability, try enabling Bold Text.

Launch the Settings app with a tap, and then tap on General. Swipe down a bit until you see Accessibility, and then tap on through.

Before, during, and after.
Before, during, and after.

About halfway down the Accessibility section, you’ll see a toggle switch for Bold Text. Tap the switch to ON, and you’ll get a message saying that your iOS device will need to restart. Hit Continue if you want to apply the Bold setting and, after a brief restart, all the text on your iOS device will be a bit easier to read.

This will work on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and can be undone with a quick tap on the toggle to set it to OFF.

Via: AppStorm

  • HerbalEd

    I hate the thin font and the drab, low-contract, pastel colors of iOS7 that make things harder to see. And bolding the text doesn’t help much. I’m a big fan of Apple and Jony Ive, but this is where they both have failed miserably. What ever happened to the Apple philosophy that function comes before form? It also appears that “marketing” has trumped function.