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Baboom! Kim Dotcom Takes Aim At iTunes And Spotify



Remember the uber-popular Megaupload?

Kim Dotcom — the controversial entrepreneur behind that site — is soft-launching his long-discussed music service Baboom. Described as a cross between iTunes and Spotify, the site will feature a combination of paid content alongside content available free to those who install an ad substitution browser plugin.

While Baboom won’t properly launch until later this year, the service — formerly known as Megabox — currently features Dotcom’s artist page for users to explore.

Artist page, you say?

As it happens, the Megaupload founder has a background in music, including this song dedicated to the importance of Internet freedom. Baboom’s artist page, to promote Dotcom’s new album Good Times, serves as a preview to “give everyone a flavor of what’s to come when the site is fully unleashed in late 2014.”

This is still no definite confirmation, of course. Dotcom had originally planned to launch both Good Times and Baboom at a 20,000-seat capacity arena, to coincide with his 40th birthday celebration: an event that wound up being cancelled.

Hopefully the same fate won’t befall Baboom, since from the look of the site it appears to offer a few unique innovations worth staying around for.

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