Apple Slashes iPad Mini Prices In India To Help Grow Market Share



Having relaunched the iPhone 4 to help grow market share in India, new reports are now suggesting that Apple is also slashing the price of its 2012 iPad mini in an effort to make inroads in India’s mid-range tablet market.

Manish Khatri, owner of popular electronics retail store Mahesh Telecom, revealed that Apple has cut the price of the iPad mini (Wi-Fi) by around $81 — bringing the total cost down to $274. As with smartphones, the country’s fast-growing market expansion for tablets in India has been largely fueled by low-cost Android devices.

Apple is hoping that its reduced iPad prices — along with offers to buy via EMI (Easy Monthly Installment) and cash-back incentives — will help make it competitive to the middle class in a territory that will be the increasing focus of high tech companies in the coming years.

As Cult of Mac contributor Mike Elgan pointed out in an editorial last week, India’s 1.2+ billion people makes it difficult for companies like Apple to ignore.

Source: International Business Times