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Tap & Blast: Do A Barrel Ro–Oh Man, I Just Can’t [Review]


Tap and Blast

Barrels have been a staple of video games at least since Donkey Kong used them in his vain attempts to ward off a small, mustachioed man with a penchant for jumping.

Tap & Blast by Raptus Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

What’s the deal with barrels? Is it that they’re easy to draw? Or fun to destroy? Or is it that their size and purpose provide a wealth of possibilities, their wooden or metal frames metaphors for the endless potential that lies within all of us, just waiting for someone to pry off the lid and share our special gifts with the world? Or something else less ridiculous?

Whatever the reason, barrels are awesome, and Tap & Blast, a fun aerial platformer of sorts out now for iOS devices, flipping loves them.

In Tap & Blast, you do that first thing so that the second thing happens. The point is to get your adorable acrobatic animal from one end of the level to the other via sky barrels while racking up as many points as possible and collecting items to unlock more levels.

It’s a fun, one-touch-controlled game with a lot of variety. Some barrels fire you out automatically, others spin around, and some even let you aim and fire your little guy in any direction you want (some directions are obviously way more useful than others).

The game provides a lot of value for your zero dollars.

Obstacles include spiky walls, flying skulls, and the clock. You can also earn additional points by swiping the screen to do tricks in mid-air. So the game provides a lot of value for your zero dollars.

I had a couple annoying glitches, though. For example, sometimes the game wouldn’t recognize that I’d passed through the end-gate and would instead send my guy plummeting to his cartoonish doom, so I’d have to make the shot again and suffer a penalty for the “death,” but this was rare and didn’t affect my enjoyment too much.

Tap and BlastGame Name: : Tap & Blast
The Good: Simple, enjoyable gameplay with a lot of variety and cute characters to fling around.
The Bad: Some glitches provide minor inconvenience, and the requirements for unlocking new levels are sometimes a little steep.
The Verdict: If you’re not tired of barrels — and how is that even possible? — Tap & Blast has them to spare. And it’s fun, so that’s cool, too.
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