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Bloomberg Accidentally Sends Media Steve Jobs Obit



Nasty glitch today on the newswires. It seems Bloomberg updated its readymade obituary for Steve Jobs, which sent the article to all of the organization’s subscribers. Most prominent figures have their obits written up in advance, but they usually don’t get sent around unless they, you know, actually need to be used. As a former copy editor, I remember well the day that Pope John Paul II died, which sent every newsroom in the world into a tizzy.

Anyway, a totally false alarm, even if it comes during a renewed period of concern about Steve’s health. It’s interesting reading, but I won’t post it here.

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  1. Peruchito says:

    this reminds me of ancient japan, and Shigen. he was a lord, and after his death, his samurai hid the fact that he died and was still able to use his influence for years to come against his enemies until they finally realized his death. Nobunaga, one of his enemies even wrote him a poem in admiration after the confirmation of his death.