Cult of iPod Wins Design Award



Designer Derek Yee won a prestigious honor for his fantastic work on my Cult of iPod book.

Derek’s work was selected as one of the best design pieces last year by Step Inside Design magazine, a leading journal that every year runs a competition to find the 100 top designs.

Derek, who runs Octopod Studios, was honored in the Editorial category. Derek also designed my Cult of Mac book.

Step Inside says:

The front cover, which met initial opposition from Yee’s colleagues, successfully avoids generic iPod imagery, while referencing its predecessor, The Cult of Mac. Yee, founder of Octopod Studios, reflects, “I really wanted to stay away from anything that showed an actual iPod, that was silhouetted, or had white ear buds and wires. I didn’t want to sell the iPod. I wanted to sell the people that love their iPods. And I wanted to do it in a way that was pure.”

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