Slender Rising 2 Is The Scary Sauce On Your Creepypasta [Video]


Creepypasta meme Slender Man is back again — this time in an official sequel to 2012’s Slender Rising called, imaginatively enough, Slender Rising 2.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it pits you against the so-called Slender Man in four different horror movie-style locations, including the fan-favorite Mansion and Ghost Town. Your task is to rescue lost souls and pick up signs along the while, all while defending yourself with a shogun.

Using Epic Games’ Unreal engine for iOS, Slender Rising 2 features impressively unnerving graphics, atmospheric music and sound effects, as well as a wide variety of environments and new game modes to explore.

For the full effect, you really need to play it wearing headphones in the dark, too.

Maybe wear a heart-rate monitor for that one…

Source: iTunes