Scribe, Instant Clipboard Sharing From Mac To iOS Over Bluetooth



Last week we saw Command-C, a super-useful app that uses Wi-Fi, iOS 7 multitasking and push notifications to easily send your clipboard between devices. Now, there’s Scribe, which goes one better by ditching the Wi-Fi sending the clipboard between devices using low energy Bluetooth.

Like Command-C. Scribe uses an app running on the Mac to talk to the iOS device. Launch it on both devices and they will see each other without pairing, just like many Bluetooth styluses and thermometers do. Then, go to copy something as normal on your Mac – a phone number, a URL, a snippet of text, and instead of ⌘-c you tap ⌘-⇧-x. And because your devices are always connected to each other, the result sending is instant.

Unlike Command-C, though, there’s no direct transfer between iOS devices: it’s Mac-to-iOS only. You’ll also need a modern Mac to use it. I was pulling my hair out trying to get my old fat iMac to recognize my iPad until I realized it doesn’t have Bluetooth 4.

Still, I like it, and it’s way quicker and easier than Apple’s own AirDrop.

Source: Scribe