PicGIF, An Ultra-Simple Animated GIF-Maker For Mac



Just the other day I asked my Twitter followers to recommend me a good app for making animated GIFs out of my photos. The response was stunning in its silence – not a single reply. But I don’t care. I now have PicGIF, a Mac app that does one thing: Turn Pics into GIFs.

Actually it does two things, as you can also convert videos into animated GIFS, but that works just like the photo converter. To use it, you add a batch of photos, adjust the crop (fill, full or stretch, just like a wide-screen TV) and pick the speed that the frames will flip. You can then add a caption, and export. And that’s it.

I love how these simple, single-serve apps from iOS are now arriving on the Mac. Yes, I’m sure I can make a better GIF in Photoshop, but I could probably be done making one in PicGIF by the time Adobe’s Moby App has even launched.

Source: iTunes
Thanks: Jane!