Storehouse App Creates Magazine-Like Photo Diaries On iOS



Storehouse is today’s big app story. It’s an iOS app that lets you take text, pictures and video and combine them into great-looking stories. It’s kind of like a cross between iPhoto’s Journals and a printed magazine, only better than both.

The app is super slick and easy to use, You can pull media from your Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram or local library, using a custome selector that lets you pick a few photos, then head off to another album and pick a few more, before importing them all together. This alone is an improvment over pretty much every other app.

Text is added into blocks, and you can resize everything and move it around just by tapping and dragging. If you haven’t worked out how is all works in a couple of minutes then there’s no hope for you.

Once you’ve made a new story, you dhare it. They’re all public, so you mught want to think twise about sharing your bathtime photo shoot with your parents (actually, that’s something you should bever do anyway, unless you’re like a weird serial killer or worse). The all-public nature of the service does mean that

The simple layouts are the equal of the slick navigation, making even the worst photos and doggerel seem somehow profound. And the app is completely free. This is a little worrying, as it means that either the servcie will be sold off to Google and shut down, or ads will start popping up all over my stories. Then again, it does mean I can ask my mother to sign up to see my bath… wait. No.

Storehouse is availableright now. You should probably check it out.

Source: Storehouse: visual storytelling