Fantastic Spy Game Codename Cygnus Gets Better, Cheaper



We got a sneak peek at Codename Cygnus, a Kickstarter-funded interactive radio drama game for iOS, at PAX this last fall. Developer Reactive studios has just updated the app with more than 20 Game Center achievements, improved voice recognition, VoiceOver features, and a redesigned iOS 7 friendly interface.

Oh, and it’s cheaper, too.

The new version drops the full five episodes of Mission 1 from $6.99 to $2.99, and individual episodes are now $0.99, a dollar off the original price for single downloads. You can still download the game and play through the Prologue for free.

The game tells its story via audio, with some amazingly good voice acting by folks like Bastion’s Logan Cunningham and Gone Home’s Sarah Elmaleh. The writing is sharp, smart, and leads you through the spy missions with ease. You’ll make choices along the way that affect the story for good or bad, using your voice or the onscreen prompts. It was inspired by those old-time radio serial dramas like The Stranger and The Lone Ranger. At the end of each mission, you’ll get a set of stats that tell you what kind of spy you are.

The update is a much-needed fix for the game, which came out just before iOS 7.

“After launch we realized that the completion of Mission 1 story content was only one of the many goals we needed to accomplish next,” said Reactive Studios’ Jonathon Myers. “We had to entirely refocus, optimize for iOS7, and streamline the savegame profile experience for mobile. We had to make it elegant and anonymous to move forward.”

Codename Cygnus now automatically saves your progress online, letting you keep your spot, your choices, and your game stats intact even if you delete and reinstall the game on your iOS device, something more and more games should have.

The latest update is currently available for free on the iTunes App Store now.

Source: App Store