You Tackle The Tactics In Football Kicks: Title Race For iOS



Another day, another new iOS game is launched toward the back of the App Store net!

Given a soft launch last week in the Australian App Store last week, Football Kicks: Title Race is now available to download internationally.


Describing itself as a “next-generation blend of team management and fully interactive ‘footie’ gaming,” the game allows you to take total control of your soccer team — assembling an 11-man squad, which you can customize down to their shirts and home stadium, before battling your way up the league table. In the words of the developers,

“Take full charge of your team and push them to the top through intensive training, strategic player management and pumped-up match day performance. Showcase your top league status with elite facilities to attract the top talent and keep fans coming through the gates. Pit your team against the world’s top clubs and control the game on and off the pitch.”

While I haven’t had a chance to properly put the game through its paces just yet, Football Kicks looks good so far — with some great graphics and an intuitive control system.

It’s definitely on the “arcade” end of the sports sim spectrum, but it’s a whole lot of fun — and seeing as it’s a free app, it’s difficult to really go too far wrong.

Source: iTunes