’52 Weeks’ Will Keep Your Savings Challenge On Track


52 Weeks

52 Weeks Money Challenge — Finance — Free

If you haven’t heard of the 52 Weeks Money Challenge, you probably don’t have a Facebook account. And I envy you for that.

Anyway, the challenge is a way to help you build up a nest egg through regimented saving. You put away one dollar the first week, two dollars the second, and so on. At the end of 52 weeks, you’ve set aside a total of $1,378. This app tracks your progress and grand total, and it will even send you weekly reminders in case you’re the forgetful type.

52 Weeks Money Challenge

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2 responses to “’52 Weeks’ Will Keep Your Savings Challenge On Track”

  1. ElVox says:

    This would be a very useful app if you could select to start on a different week…I’m already on week 3, but the silly app doesn’t let me tell it that, so…back to my Numbers sheet I go.

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