This Week in Cult of Mac Magazine: Apple Gallops Into China


Cover: Rob LeFebvre.
Cover: Rob LeFebvre.

This week, Cult of Mac Magazine explores how Apple will reboot China, and why you, the aficionado, should care.

2014 is the year of the horse: seen as an auspicious symbol for swift success, it bodes well for Apple. The Cupertino company launches its deal with China mobile around the same time as the year changes over, a deal Tim Cook called a “watershed” moment.

Author and reporter Luke Dormehl delves into the factors that will shift Apple’s strategy there as it hopes to reach over 700 million potential fanatics and why this year we may begin to see the transition into “designed in California, built for Asia.” Hong-Kong based tech reporter Truman Au takes a look at local iPhone culture and why the gold iPhone is the choice of device – and matching cars, bags and shoes — for the country’s new rich.

As always, we’ll have the best in new apps, music, books and movies plus answers to your most pressing Apple-related questions from an actual Genius.

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  • acslater017

    Please tell your cover art designer that the Chinese text does not make sense. To be specific, the 5th-8th characters on the right half say “Happy New Year” just fine. But the 1st-4th characters on the left half are just a horizontal mirror image (to make it take up more space?) and look incredibly weird. Essentially it’s “RAEY WEN YPPAH HAPPY NEW YEAR”. Thanks! :)