HOYO, The Easy-Access Shower Pocket For iPhones



I can think of one reason, and one reason only, to take my iPhone into the shower, and that reason is YouPorn. But maybe you’re waiting for a call from the delivery man or a visit from the plumber, and you’re all sweaty and dirty and you need to strip off all your clothes and get in the shower right now. In that case, you need the cool new HoYo, an easy-to-access waterproof cellphone pocket for the shower.

Designed and Kickstartered by Georges Sheety, the £15 ($25) HoYo combines a waterproof, clear plastic bag with a large round door. The door is the clever part, as it’s just like the big lids you see on the waterproof tanks people use when they’re messing around on boats. It gives you a big opening through which to drop your iPhone, and yet closes quickly, just like a jar of Vaseline. And the whole setup sticks to the wall of your shower.

It’s simple, ingenious and inexpensive, and could be equally useful in the kitchen, in the lab, or anywhere else that’s hostile to a naked and vulnerable iPhone. The project launches today, and early birds can get in for £12 ($20).

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Georges!