Is It Me Or Do Jabra’s ‘Wireless’ Earbuds Have Wires?



I love wireless gadgets, but sometimes they’re more trouble than they’re worth. For instance, I’m forever getting dropped connections on my AirPlay speakers, making them more annoying to use than wired speakers, despite the promised convenience. And wireless earbuds seem like an exercise in frustration. I regularly lose even my white Apple EarPods, so imagine how bad it’d be with two separate (and tiny) buds.

Jabra’s new Rox wireless earbuds at least address the last question. How? By adding a wire.

No, the irony of a pair of wireless headphones that use a wire isn’t wasted on me. The difference is the the Rox’s wire connects the Bluetooth buds together, and also adds a handy in-line remote. The buds themselves are giant in comparison to my normal in-ear Sonys thanks to the fact that they have to carry batteries, but they do at least have hooks to help keep them in your earholes.

If you pair the Roxes with the companion app on your iPhone, you can listen in “high-definition Dolby® sound.”

But the best part is that both buds have magnets in them, so you can snap them together to keep the non-existent cable tangle free. And snapping them together also switches them into power-saving mode, a great little UI feature.

The Rox earbuds – as well as their price – are “coming soon.” I’ll probably stick to wires, though: no charging, no pairing, and no connection dropping.

Source: Jabra