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Power Boost Keychain: A Backup Battery… On A Keychain



I’m a great example of why backup iPhone batteries don’t really work. I have a stack of the things in all shapes and sizes, and yet where are they when I need them? At home in a gray felt cat house (don’t ask). I just never remember to take the things with me.

Photojojo’s new Power Boost Keychain aims to change that, putting a smallish battery pack and charing cable on a keychain. Now you’ll never leave the thing at home. Or if you do, you’ll be locked out, and you won’t be able to call a locksmith.

$40 buys you a 1.5-hour battery booster plus a charging cable. One end of the unit has a little USB plug that pops out on a cable, and the other end has a Lightning plug that pushes into your iPhone’s waiting jack-hole (there’s a microUSB version available for Android and Kindle users). You can charge the booster from USB, or use it to charge and sync your iPhone via any USB port.

And of course it comes with a keychain to hold your door-openers. Or bottle opener. Or stupid plushie gonk. Whatever. The point is that you always have both a battery and a charging cable with you. And given that it costs the same as a pair of Apple Lightning cables, it’s a pretty good deal.

Available now.

Source: Photojojo