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Convert Markdown to DOCX On iOS With MakeDoc




MakeDoc looks like a good bet for otherwise right-thinking folks who find them selves required to supply a Word DOCX file. Being a smart nerd, you undoubtedly write in Markdown, converting to the required format on output. But DOCX isn;t an output option for most iOS text editors. That’s where makeDoc comes in.

Just compose your opus as usual, and then use iOS’ “Open In…” dialog to send it to makeDoc. Upon import, it will be converted to a DOCX for you. That’s it. Now you can mail it, open it in another app (like Pages) or save it to your favorite cloud service.

But makeDoc has another trick: it can open and convert OPML files to DOCX, too. This lets you work in any decent outliner or mind-mapping app and then send the result to makeDoc. Once there, you can choose between bullet, header and table views before exporting. Finally, plain text can also be imported from the clipboard.

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