Nightmarish Zelda-Like Binding Of Isaac Could Be Coming To iPad



One of the most bizarre games of recent memory is The Binding Of Isaac. Inspired by both The Legend Of Zelda and the Old Testament, The Binding Of Isaac is rogue-like game that follows a deformed naked child as he explores a subterranean world of his own Freudian nightmares to try to escape his insane Christian fundamentalist mother. I told you it was weird, and playing it is even weirder.

The Binding Of Isaac is already available on the Mac, and thanks to a remake/sequel The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth, it may — may! — be coming to the iPad as well.

Over on The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth‘s FAQ page, the game’s developer says, with a characteristic lack of copy editing:

as of now, Steam, Ps4 and Vita … but the rest arent [sic] out of the question. we [sic] would love to release on all systems, the ball is in their courts though. we [sic] miiiiight [sic] also test the game out on ipad [sic] and see how it works, if it works ok then we will also release there.

Okay, so hardly a promise you’d care to bank, but for those who love Isaac’s morbid, frenetic gameplay — and I’m one of them — this is pretty great news, especially since Isaac has always run like a dog on my Mac (hey, it is built with Flash!)

Source: Binding Of Isaac
Via: Touch Arcade