Feedshare Lets You Share Your List Of RSS Feeds




Feedshare is a great new service for sharing your RSS feeds. That is, you can upload the OPML file containing all your subscribed feeds and it will be available to anyone who cares. And you don’t just have to share your entire RSS setup either. You could use this to share a set of feeds on a particular subject for instance.

Lots of writers I know have abandoned RSS for Twitter, but that seems foolish, like switching email for Facebook mail – you’re screwed if the service goes down. But that doesn’t mean that RSS is “dead” as some have said. RSS is no deader than HTML: it’s a protocol that drives the internet. I think many people might have confused Google Reader with RSS itself, which would explain the slew of silly articles when the former shut down last year.

To use Feedshare, you just need the OPML file that your RSS reader of choice can output for you. This can be done from the desktop app or from the service itself, depending on how you read your feeds. Once uploaded (or linked to, if you prefer) your list is shown in full on the Feedshare site, and visitors can either download your entire catalog, or browse the individual feeds.

It’s a pretty great way to share your subscriptions, and also a good way to find new ones: you can browse the site buy tags, or by popularity. And you don’t get a much cleaner, low-noise source than a hand-curated list of RSS feeds.