iPhone Still Popular Among Grand Larcenists In 2013



As large cities go, the Big Apple is a pretty safe place to live these days — unless, ironically enough, you’re the owner of an Apple iDevice.

According to new data released by the New York Police Department, while New York has seen dramatic decreases in the majority of major crimes in recent times, the theft of cellphone and other electronic devices has meant that the category of grand larcenies remains almost unchanged.

And when it comes to those electronic devices most at risk, Apple come in at number 1: being so popular among criminals that the New York Police Department specifically tracks thefts of that brand.

In 2013, Apple products made up more than 18 percent of all grand larcenies — representing more than 8,000 devices. Compare that to 2002 (after the release of the iPod, but well before the iPhone or iPad), when there just 25 grand larcenies of Apple products, according to police.

Aware of the problem, Apple has launched a number of anti-crime initiatives in the past, including the 2009 launch of the “Find my iPhone” app.

Perhaps iOS 8 could come with a remote taser option.

Source: WSJ