Turn Your Memories Into Animated GIFs With Days iPhone App


days app


Days is a free iPhone app that uses your photos to create a journal of your adventures. The twist is that it takes your pictures and turns them into animated GIFs.

Take pictures within ten seconds of one another and Days will automatically gather them into a GIF. This is such a great idea I can;t believe nobody has done it before. Whereas even short videos take up space and are – let’s face it – dull. A GIF can either capture one aspect of a place or event, or many facets of that same event all in one small, animated image file.

Days then organizes your GIFs into a timeline based on, yes, day. You can browse your own memories or share them, and other folks can comment on them.

I’m not in the market for yet another journaling app – I’m happy with my own home-made version (ten months old and still only 107 KB) – but Days has made me think that GIFs are a great way to capture and share memories. So if you have any GIF app recommendations, let me know via email or Twitter.

Source: App Store