Popcord USB Charger Means You’ll Never Run Out Of iPhone Battery Again



A new Kickstarter project aims to solve the annoying problem of running out of smartphone charge. The solution? A pocket-size USB charger called the Popcord.

Designed by London-based hardware startup Powergoat, Popcord’s campaign runs until March 9, although it has raised more than half its funding goal in less than a week.

“Popcord matches the beautiful simplicity and sheer convenience of smartphones,” Powergoat notes in its Kickstarter pitch.

Designed to attach to your bag, keys or whatever else you regularly carry, the Popcord is a flexible rubber cord that measures 4 inches when fully extended or 2 inches when closed.

To begin with, the Popcord will be available in four colors (including a “limited edition” gold), and comes in both Lightning and micro-USB variants to suit iPhone and Android users.

More details, including a video, are available on Powergoat’s Kickstarter page. The Popcord is planned to ship to backers in May 2014.

Source: Kickstarter Via: IT Pro Portal