BBBBombs! Has A Dumb Name But Smart Gameplay [Review]



Let’s take a minute to address the fact that I’m not really sure how to pronounce the title of this game. Is it “B-ombs,” or is it, “Buh-buh-buh-bombs”? My money’s on the second one, and now that we’ve sorted that out, the review can begin.

BBBBombs! by Tony Colley
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

‘Bombs’ with Too Many Letters is a puzzle-ish game that tasks you with clearing a ridiculous lab of the now-sentient explosives that are now buzzing around all willy-nilly. You do this with plain, stupid, regular bombs. You get three blast per level, and you can set up chain reactions to clear a bunch of what science hath wrought in one shot.

Meanwhile, this game is hilarious.

Wacky science labs are in, you guys.

It’s hard to imagine laughing at a game about just, like, tapping a screen until little cartoon bombs disappear, but what writing exists in Holy Sh*t Bombs is clever. Instructions, enemy descriptions, and the safety posters in the background take care of the requisite weird-science humor we’ve seen in games like Portal.

With only three bombs available per level, you’d think that you’d get extra points or bonus stars or something for having turns left over. But as it turns out, Sing It Like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony; You Can’t Un-Hear It is one of the more forgiving puzzle games you’ll ever play. It doesn’t care if you use one bomb or all three; if the bad guys are all gone, you win.

And I like that because I have that same issue every time I play a console game by Capcom, a developer that is obsessed with constantly evaluating its players’ performance. Capcom: If the bad guys die before I do, that’s a win. I don’t give a crap how stylish it was.

It’s one of the more forgiving puzzle games you’ll play.

Anyway, you should play Ridiculously Titled Game About Bombs. It’s fun. Also, you collect coins from defeating enemies that allow you to purchase power-ups to make your unorthodox defusing methods more effective. So that’s cool, too.

Oh, and some enemies have special abilities like shields and a habit of splitting into multiple other enemies, so that adds some challenge and variety.

I probably should have mentioned these things when I was making fun of the title. Oh, well. Review’s over. See? Here’s the end box.

BBBBombsGame Name: : BBBBombs!
The Good: Good sense of humor, cute bombs, and forgiving, low-pressure gameplay.
The Bad: I don’t have any other jokes about the title, but that.
The Verdict: It’s a charming game about crazy science and crazier bombs. Worth a look.
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