Photoful Could Replace Your iOS Photos App




Photoful is a great photo-browsing app that offers an alternate – and in many ways better – view of your iOS photos. You can see all your pictures on one long scrolling timeline, and when it comes to adding captions and tags, Photoful makes iOS’ Photos app look like something that crawled out from under a PC.

The universal app presents your pictures in a similar way to iOS 7’s new Collections and Moments view, only sectioned by date only, not date and place. Zooming in on specific dates is done by pinching, and once you’ve arrived at the full-sized view you just scroll down as fast as you like. It’s as if all your photos are on a super long web page. Swipe to the left or right to tag or delete the photos (they’re only deleted from the app of course, not from your actual camera roll).

Tagging is the cool feature of Photoful, letting you quickly and easily assign as many tags as you like to your pictures. This makes iOS Photos’ albums seems clunky. To add tags, either apply them to each photo individually, or select multiple photos and apply tags in bulk.

Selection is the other great improvement in Photoful. You just swipe across the top of the photos you want to include and they get a check mark. Swipe again or tap to uncheck. It’s fast, and way better than the native alternative.

Somehow the developer Jeff Bargmann has managed to make the app free, and you can grab it right now.

Source: Photoful