Measure Your Fitness Goals With The Bluetooth-Connected Wireless Body Scale [Deals]



If you made a New Year’s resolution to start hitting the gym, eat better, or improve your overall health, this Bluetooth-capable body scale is the perfect way to track your progress.

This sleek, futuristic-looking scale does more than just tell you how many holiday pounds you’ve packed on (or lost!), it also measures and records weight, fat, BMI, water, muscle, and bone indexes, giving you a detailed picture of your body composition. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $99.95 for a limited time.

Please note: This offer is only available to customers in the continental United States and Canada. The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final. To review all of the devices that are compatible with the scale, as well as read all other important details surrounding this offer, visit the Deals page.

The Blue Anatomy Wireless Body Scale connects to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth as well, and all the same information displayed by the scale can be recorded on your device like weight, BMI, and fat. Plus, it will automatically calculate Water Percentage, Bone Percentage, and Muscle Percentage.

The top features of this device include:

  • Track, Graph, and Share: Keep tabs on all your important readings with the convenience of your mobile device through the BlueAnatomy™ app.
  • Computer-Free Setup: No need to connect to a computer or download software: the scale communicates directly with your mobile devices so start taking measurements in just 3 easy steps right out of the box.
  • Easy to Use: Beautiful, thin, ergonomic design has no unsightly buttons or electrodes, so all controls are through your mobile device.
  • BlueAnatomy App: Add new or edit existing data and take notes after each set or readings all through the app.

Getting in shape is tough, so give yourself a leg up with a device that helps you get – and stay – on track. Pick up The Blue Anatomy Wireless Body Scale for just $99.95 – a savings of 23% – from Cult of Mac Deals today!