Staples Now Selling The iPad In Its Physical Stores


Apple Pay is killing it at Staples.
Apple Pay is killing it at Staples.

In news to be filed under L for “late to the party” Staples is finally selling the iPad Air and iPad Mini on its physical store shelves.

Phone up your local Staples, and you’ll hear a message informing you that the iPad is available both online and in the chain’s brick-and-mortar outlets. Prior to this, the tablets were only available through Staples’ online ordering service.

The iPad Air starts at $499, while the Retina iPad mini will set you back $399. Customers can also trade in an older iPad for up to $300.

Staples has been selling Apple accessories since the start of 2013. For now, however, it’s still not selling the iPhone.

Hey, as Steve Ballmer once said, it’s unpredictable whether users want a touchscreen phone without physical buttons. Better wait and see if it’s a hit before taking the plunge…

Source: CNet

  • Andrew_X_Thomas

    Wow… you must be living in either the UK or ‘murica because here in Cana-duh! We’ve had iPads in all sizes on Staples shelves for years now. It’s strange how a company can differ from country to country.