Hisy Helps You Take The Perfect Selfie [CES 2014]




Cult _of_Mac_CES_2014_80x80LAS VEGAS – Now that “selfie” has officially gone mainstream as the word of 2013, iPhone users are always looking for ways to take a better self portrait. Taking selfies with your front camera is easier, but if you want to use your iPhone’s full imaging capabilities you’ll have to do some weird hand contortions to get the shot framed and snapped. That’s where Hisy comes in.

Hisy is a tiny shutter remote control that connects to your iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth 4.0, allowing the photographer to frame a selfie before snapping the shutter wirelessly.

Unlike some other remotes, Hisy doesn’t require a third-party app but works with the default camera app on iOS. It boasts a range of up to 90ft – no more setting the timer and running – and the battery last for about two years. You can also use it to shoot video and it also comes with a useful little tether that plugs into your iPhones’ headphone jack so you don’t loose it.

You can pre-order a Hisy from their website for $24.99 starting today, but the company told us they’re planning a wider launch at retail stores on February 15th.