Eye-Fi Launches Labs And Beta Mac App [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bug Eye-Fi has launched Eye-Fi Labs, a place to find test versions of new software. The first thing that you might be interested in is the Eye-Fi Mobi Desktop Receiver for Mac, an app that will let you beam photos from your Eye-Fi Mobi card direct to your Mac.

Eye-Fi’s Mobi card is way better than its old cards, with easy setup being the biggest change – you just tap in the number printed ion the card’s box and you’re paired, without all the shenanigans of the previous setup process. Now that ease of setup is coming back to the Mac, with the new beta app, so you can snap photos with your regular camera and have the SD card’s tiny Wi-Fi radio beam photos to your computer as your take them.

It’s pretty neat, but despite the “convenience” of wireless, I find it’s still a lot easier just to pop out the SD card from your camera and slide it into your Mac or a camera connection kit.

For pro shooters, though, it might be nice to let the harpies from the design department see your pictures appear on the big screen as they are shot, so they can micromanage your shoot even more effectively.

Source: Eye-Fi
Thanks: Jessica!