PureGear’s Retro Cases Add A Game To The Back Of Your iPhone [CES 2014]



Cult _of_Mac_CES_2014_80x80LAS VEGAS –  I just finished my annual slog through the world’s largest ever exhibition of iPhone cases  – a.k.a. The iLounge at CES. While most of this years’ offerings are focused on providing extra battery power, PureGear has a lineup of cases that turn your iPhone into a retro physical game, no app required.

The PureGear retro game case line up comes with three different analog game options: a traditional maze, a circular maze, and another called Undecided that’s kind of like playing Plinko from The Price Is Right, except you’re aiming for Yes or No instead of fat stacks of cash.

PureGear recently added new option for the iPhone 5c as well as some limited black and grey editions for the iPhone 5/5s. Each game case will set you back 30 bucks, but they’re more addicting than Candy Crush, don’t need WiFi and won’t waste your battery. Oh yeah, and they’ll protect your iPhone when you get mad and toss the maze across the room.