SpeeCup, A Bluetooth Speaker That Sits In Cupholders [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bug If there’s one thing the fine citizens of the United States love in their cars it’s cup holders. God knows why a car needs like 20 places to stow a bucket of coffee or soda, but it does. Which means, ironically, that the average U.S car has an average of 16[1] cup holders empty at any one time.

Thankfully, the SpeeCup is here to fill up at least one of them, although given the amount of free cup-holder space available, it seems almost silly to combine a speaker, a Siri-enabled mic and a cup-shaped vessel into just one single gadget.

The SpeeCup, which sounds rather like something your doctor might ask you to take to the bathroom and fill up, is a Bluetooth speaker and Siri-compatible mic in a cup. The unit sits in any handily-available cup holder. It measure eight inches, and lasts for up to 20 hours on a charge (although you probably won;t have to worry about that as you have a car charger right there in your car).

Prefer to use your actual car stere to listen to music in your car? Of course you do, so you can hook the cup up via a line-out jack, and still beam music via Bluetooth from your iPhone, using the controls on the top of the SpeeCup to skip, play and pause your music. Don’t have a car? Good. You can also jam this into the bottle holder on your bike. Or just use it as a Bluetooth receiver for your home stereo.

The SpeeCup can be had right now, for “just” $130.

Source: SpeeCup

  1. Made up statistic.  ↩

  • lowtolerance

    They might have had a sale from me if they’d priced it somewhere in the neighborhood of $40-60. For $130, I can get a pretty decent aftermarket stereo with built-in bluetooth.