Razer’s Nabu Smartband Is Like A Fitbit Crossed With A Pebble [CES 2014]


Razer Nabu

CES 2014 bug

We wrote yesterday that CES 2014 is all about the wearables, and Razer is yet another company jumping on the bandwagon: choosing CES as the location at which to announce its new (and unexpected) class of Nabu smartbands.

While smartbands are absolutely everywhere these days, Razer hopes that the Nabu — designed to work with Bluetooth 4.0 devices — can set itself apart thanks to its open software platform and unique features. Think smartwatch meets fitness tracker.

One of Nabu’s innovations is its focus on privacy. Devices feature both inward and outward OLED displays. The outward display indicates when users receive a text, email, or call, by way of a vibration and illuminated icon. The inward display, located on the inside of your wrist, reveals more detailed information — such as caller ID or text. The Nabu also uses an in-built accelerometer to reveal information when it detects that you have tilted your wrist to activate the display. Calls can similarly be rejected by shaking your wrist.

The Nabu can additionally act as a fitness tracker — detecting number of steps taken, distance walked, stairs climbed, and sleeping habits — as well as detecting other Nabu owners in the vicinity for possible data sharing.

Pricing has yet to be announced, although Razer plans to offer developers the device at a price of $49 — with consumer pricing reportedly not all that different.

Source: IGN