EyeLock’s USB Authenticator Uses Your Iris To Unlock Your Mac [CES 2014]



Cult _of_Mac_CES_2014_80x80 LAS VEGAS  – Remembering passwords seems to have become one of great challenge in computing for simpletons like me. Solutions like 1Password and iCloud Keychain have tried to solve humans’ forgetfulness, but EyeLock revealed a new product today that not only stores all your passwords, it keeps them locked away with your own personal iris scanner.

The Myris USB Authenticator is an iris scanner that plugs into your computer and allows users to do a quick scan of your eye rather than typing in a password. You can use it to unlock your Mac but it also can integrate with your email, bank account, or even schools and hospitals.

Rather than using photos, Myris authenticates your retinas using video to make the scanning faster and boasts a 1 in 2.25 trillion chance of false identifying your retinas compared to Touch ID’s 1 to 50,000 chance. All authentication happens on the device so your personal information isn’t transmitted and it works on Mac, Windows, or even Chrome OS.

The EyeLock is set to ship in the first half of 2014 but you can add yourself to the waiting list in the meantime.