ION Wants To Bring Cassettes Back By Adding Bluetooth [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bug CES is all about the groundbreaking, cutting edge technology, which is why ION chose the event to debut their, err, Cassette Adapter Bluetooth technology.

Enabling your car’s cassette player to become its own wireless Bluetooth receiver, the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth lets you stream music from your iPhone or other Bluetooth device without the need for cables or complicated installation. “Just pop it in and it automatically turns on,” reads the company’s press release.

“Now, you can use your car’s speakers to hear phone calls and music without having to buy a new stereo head-unit. Both of your hands stay safe on the wheel while your audio source stays in your pocket. Cassette Adapter Bluetooth is the last cassette you’ll ever need and the first —and only—step to bring your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks into your car.”

Pretty ahead-of-the-curve for a technology released back in 1985. Waitasecond — this press release was written when?

Still, there’s bound to be a hipster or two out there itching to get their fingers on a Bluetooth Cassette.

Source: ION

  • Xterracannondale

    Hipster? Try anyone with old cars and old tech but not enough money to upgrade everything.