Awsome Anamorphic GoPro Lens For Cinematic Action Movies



You know what would make all of those crazy-dangerous squirrel-suit action movies even better? A big, wide, cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio. And that’s just what you’ll get with the new Letus AnamorphX Adapter for the GoPro Hero.

Clamp this baby onto your GoPro’s face and you can shoot movies that look like Star Wars. Only unlike Star Wars, your sequels don’t have to get ever shittier.

An anamorphic lens squishes incoming images in the horizontal direction only, making people look tall and skinny, and everything look a little pinched. In the old days, the footage was projected through another anamorphic lens to reverse the effect. These days you just stretch the movie in software.

The coolest part about the CNC-machined aluminum lens housing, though, is its minimal size and weight, and the fact that when it replaces the GoPro’s waterproof lens housing, it keeps the unit waterproof.

If I ever left my desk to do more than make yet another Aeropress, then I would be all over this and a GoPro to go with it. As it is, I don;t think anyone would be interested in my coffee-cup-strewn desk, no matter how wide the aspect ratio I use to shoot it.

Source: Letus