Griffin’s Legendary PowerMate Knob Goes Cordless [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bug Ever felt the need to turn your Mac up to 11? Of course you have, and now, thanks to Griffin’s new Bluetooth PowerMate, you can do it wirelessly.

The new PowerMate updates a classic Mac accessory. Like the original, it’s nothing but a big, heavy, beautifully damped knob, and like any knob you have in your hand, what you do with it is entirely up to you.

What’s the point? You can use it to replace keyboard and mouse commands. Video editors can use it to jog and shuttle through footage. Photographers can use it to control sliders in their favorite editing app. Or you can just use it as a giant volume knob. A $60 volume knob.

The old USB PowerMate was neat enough, but now you can litter your desk with as many spin ‘n’ click knobs as you like, all without pesky, messy wires. You might want to stock up on Eneloop batteries, though, as each PowerMate needs a pair of Aas to work.

Available now, for $60.

Source: Griffin
Thanks: Jennifer!