Roku’s First Smart TV Will Simplify Your Screen This Fall [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bug Having beaten out Apple TV as the most-used streaming set-top box in the United States, Roku is set to debut its own smart TV — called Roku TV.

“That’s right, actual TVs, designed to give consumers a simple and powerful entertainment experience in today’s connected world,” Roku CEO Anthony Wood noted in his company’s announcement. “We’ve applied the same principles that have made Roku the most popular streaming players in America to TVs.”

The Roku TV promises to get rid of complicated menus in favor of a simple television home screen offering all available content sources. As with Roku streaming players, users of the television set will have access to the Roku Channel Store, which features 31,000 movies and 1,200 channels.

The remote control to access this will also feature just 20 buttons — supposedly half those used in a traditional TV set — while the service can also be navigated via other sources, including Roku’s iOS app.

To roll out the Roku TV, Roku has partnered with TCL and Hisense — and the models will be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show later today in Las Vegas.

The first Roku TV models will range from 32 inches to 55 inches, and will be available in major retail stores beginning this fall.

Source: Roku

Via: Thenextweb