Withing Aura Promises Your Best Night’s Sleep, Like, Ever [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bug Withings isn’t content with looking after your body throughout every waking hour of your life. Now it wants to make like some kind of Inception-style doctor and keep an eye on your dreams with the help of the Aura.

Your iPhone can already monitor your nocturnal tossings, but you need to keep it in bed with you (and plugged in). Hardly what the tinfoil-hat doctor ordered. The Aura consists of a pad that slides under your mattress, plus a huge earbud-shaped box that sits on your nightstand, controlling both the sleep pad and you.

The unit monitors your sleep patterns and plays soothing sounds and colored lights to massage your melatonin production and control your circadian rhythms. This lets you drift into and out of sleep gently, instead of yanking you from your slumber like an alarm clock does.

The Aura goes on sale this Spring, for $300/€300, a small price to pay for proper rest. Any rumors that Withings is trying to build a hypnotically programmed army of mind-enhanced superhumans is completely false.

Source: Withings