This Week Reminders App Now Also On iPad


this week ipad

This Week, the app which we said “beats iOS Reminders app at its own game,” is now a universal app with newly-added iPad support. And it’s still way better than Reminders for adding dated tasks.

This Week’s schtick is quickly adding reminders with dates. You can do this by long-pressing on a day in the calendar view, or by pulling down in a “pull-to-refresh” gesture, only it’s “pull-to-add.” The latter method uses a more familiar panel to add times and dates.

The iPad version is no surprise for existing users: it just expands the view to include three panels: You reminders list, your list of reminders lists, and your calendar. The overall design is still very blue, and the tasks are still not color-coded by list (like the iPhone version, the name of the list is printed in color underneath the entry.

It’s a solid update, but I’ve already gone back to the native Reminders app, using Siri to add anything with a date. It’s just easier, and when it’s not, I can use Drafts app. $5.

Source: iTunes