The Hunting: Part 3 Is A Step Back, But It Will Still Scare The S*** Out Of You [Review]


The Hunting Part 3

Interactive zombie film series The Hunting is back with its third installment, which has you continuing to make life-threatening choices and furiously tapping on your screen to run and fight off crazed undead who want to put the nom on you.

The Hunting: Part 3 by Wotsamaflip
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Works With: iPhone
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It’s another creepy, high-tension experience that will quickly make you regret playing it with headphones and/or in the dark, both of which I did because I clearly don’t know what’s good for me.

But while the game is still completely scary and harrowing as ever, it fails to build on Part 2’s impressive shotgun blast of terror and what-the-hell-ery.

The Hunting Part 3
You spend most of this chapter running for your life.

Part 3 has our hero finally reaching the farmhouse he spent the last two episodes walking toward. And the interior scenes are a welcome change from all that running and biking through woods and fields; the cramped surroundings and shadowy corners add most of the suspense.

Once again, though, the real star of the game is its sound design. Flies buzz in abandoned rooms, your footsteps crunch and echo a little too loudly, and all the while the moans and growls of the undead surround you. It’s oppressive and relentless, and it keeps your heart going even when you aren’t running for your life.

The real star is the sound design.

With all of this going for Part 3, though, it’s too bad that it doesn’t have any of its predecessor’s depth. It’s short and a pretty straight shot from start to finish, and it doesn’t have anything to match Part 2’s lengthy dead end involving the creepy little girl and the hell worms.

But what it does, it does well; I just wish there were a bit more of it.

The Hunting Part 3Game Name: : The Hunting: Part 3
The Good: Sound design continues to be amazing, and it’s consistently scary throughout.
The Bad: Short, not many branches.
The Verdict It’s scary and still fun, but it feels like its purpose is mostly to fill in a gap and set up Part 4.
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