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Unleash Your Inner MacGyver With The Sensordrone [Deals]



After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, Sensordrone is here to turn your smartphone into the world’s first mobile, wearable, programmable, sensing computer.

Packing more than 11 sensors into one tiny package, Sensordrone turns your smartphone into a carbon monoxide detector, non-contact thermometer, gas leak detector, lux meter, weather station, diagnostic tool, breath analyzer, and more. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $149 during this limited time offer.

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Despite being small enough to fit on a keychain, the sheer number of applications makes this a very impressive piece of scientific hardware. Incredibly easy to set up (just turn it on and select which app you want to use) there’s no messing around with settings or dials, and you can start collecting data for your own use, for scientific use, or just for fun.

The top features of the Sensordrone include:

  • Precision Gas Sensor: Test air quality, carbon monoxide levels, and blood alcohol content
  • Reducing Gas Sensor: Sense methane, propane, and natural gas leaks
  • Oxidizing Gas Sensor: Ozone sensing and chlorine leaks
  • Non-Contact Thermometer: Check food temperature, engine diagnostics, and whatever else you point it at
  • Humidity Sensor: Check heat index, but also great for finding optimum food storage conditions, even preventing mold from growing in your home
  • Temperature Sensor: Measure ambient temperature
  • Light Sensor: For checking light intensity, sunlight monitoring, or even late-night refrigerator use
  • Color Sensors: Use as a color meter, color matcher/analyzer, even pattern recognition
  • Pressure Sensor: Works as a barometer or altimeter, and you can connect to a pressure cuff to act as a blood pressure monitor
  • Proximity Sensor: Use it as a stud finder or liquid level monitor
  • Expansion Connector: Digital (TTL UART & i2C) and analog (0–3V) interface for connecting other sensors like EKGs, Thermal Printers, and more

The Sensordrone is compatible with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and later as well as iOS 6.1 or later. Use with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. (Note: The app is optimized for the iPhone 5.)

Since everything is included in the Sensordrone’s sleek & compact metal/plastic housing, it’s truly a major extension of your mobile device. With three different ways to monitor, you have flexibility over how you want data collected. There’s Call-Respond Mode, which delivers the most recent data, Streaming Mode that sends continuous real-time data, and Data Logging Mode that stores data until you want to export it to a .CSV file.

There’s a lot packed into this little device, so get it while you can at this special low price – only $149 from Cult of Mac Deals!